Thanks to George Eden and Gary Johns, Senior statistics for Golden Grove's turf era are available.  The Club has found some old scorebooks from the hard-wicket era.  Updating records is a laborious process.  Check the records page from time-to-time to see if anything new has been added.







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  Partnerships   Bowling achievements   Most fielding votes  
  Centuries   Trophy winners   Most fielding votes (season)  
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  Trophy winners   Career bowling stats - past players   Trophy winners  
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  Career batting stats - past players          






  First XI - The Chris Lynch Trophy   Senior Team of the Year   Games played  
  Second XI - The Graeme Lynch Trophy   Senior Team of the Decade   Days played  
  Third XI - The Jack Churchill Trophy   Under 17 & 18 Team of the Year   Office bearers  
  Fourth XI - The Rick Moran Trophy   First XI cap numbers (turf era only)   Life members  
  Fifth XI   Memorable team performances   Brumbies legends  
  Sixth XI   Forgettable team performances   Association awards  
  Seventh XI       The Rob Wallace Shield  
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