Senior Registrations Now Open!

There has been a change to the way regos happen this season and beyond.  Cricket Australia is moving away from MyCricket and towards PlayHQ.  You may already be familiar with it through netball or footy.  If so, you use the same login details.

Everyone (players, coaches & team mangers) needs to register by the following link if you are going to play senior cricket this season:


Juniors will register with a different link, but this is not live yet.  We just need to confirm a few thing first.

You will have to do this every season from now on.  Players have to pay a National Registration Fee ($22.50 if you are 18 or over and $16 if you’re under 18).  The National Registration fee is not charged by the Golden Grove Cricket Club.  It is a required fee, payable at time of registration, for all players and covers existing insurance costs and a digital services contribution to support ongoing improvements to technology for all clubs and players.  

If you are coming to us from another Club, we need to know which one as we need to organise a clearance.

For this season at least, you do not have to pay club fees when registering.  This may change in future seasons.  Club fees will be voted on at the AGM in August and you will be required to pay after that.

Link your Cricket ID or create one of you don’t have one.  This will help match your stats that are already on MyCricket with the new platform.