End of Season Presentation - REFUNDS

Due to the Coronavirus, the GGCC End of Season Presentations have been cancelled.  In order for the Club to refund the cost of your tickets, we require the following information to be emailed to the Club Treasurer, Sharon Seedsman (sharon@goldengrovecc.asn.au):

  • Your name
  • The player’s name (for Junior Presentation only)
  • Junior or Senior Presentation
  • Amount paid
  • Date paid
  • Confirm if the funds were transferred to the Club account or paid by cash/card
  • Reference (if known) for online transactions
  • Account details to refund the payment to:
    • Account name
    • BSB & account number

Please ensure that you have emailed Sharon by 29 March 2020 so that all refunds can be process before the end of month reconciliation.

We ask that you be patient as it may take some time to reconcile all payments and process the refunds.  Remember that Sharon is a volunteer and works during the week.