From the AGM

The Golden Grove CC Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 26 July 2017.  The members present elected the Club's 2017/18 Committee and approved the fees suggested by the 2016/17 Committee.

2017/18 Committee
President Rick Moran
Vice-President Gavin Lynch (2nd year of 2 year term)
Chairperson Chris Lynch
Secretary Graeme Lynch (re-elected as there were no other nominations and on the condition that some of the burden would be removed)
Treasurer Sharon Seedsman
General Committee Craig Jones (also Junior Coordinator)
General Committee Wayne Meakin
General Committee Ian Henderson
General Committee Damien Stamato

This season, the Brumbies are looking for people to serve on a Junior Committee.  The Juniors make up a significant portion of the members; we are looking for parents to help govern the direction of the Junior Club.  Please contact Craig Jones via email if you are interested:

2017/18 Membership Fees
Age group Approved fee Cost per player Shortfall
Senior $295 $460.93 $165.93
Senior concession $245 $460.93 $215.93
Playing Life Member $245 $460.93 $215.93
Under 17 $245 $321.85 $76.85
Under 15 $200 $244.35 $44.35
Under 14 $185 $249.12 $64.12
Under 12 $185 $249.12 $64.12
Under 10 $175 $195.40 $20.40
Casual players $25 per week
Social members $25

$15 for subsequent junior members from the same family

$50 for dual registered district players - exclusive of $15 family discount


  • The Committee was mindful that junior fees should not prop up the Senior Club, but also had to take into account that a substantial rise in Senior fees was not ideal either.  Every effort was made to ensure that the fee structure was equitable for all members.
  • The 'Shortfall' shows the minimum funds that must be raised for each player through sponsorship, the bar and other fundraising activities to provide for a year of cricket on top of fees. This does not take into account other Club purchases (such as turf nets, extra training equipment, other unforseen incidental costs).
  • The Club has been advised that TTG Council set hite fees have increased this season.
  • The Under 12 and Under 14 fees include T20 matches - extra balls, hire fees and pitch preparation fees are required.
  • The change to the Under 10 format allows for only 7 players to be on the field at any one time (max. 9 players per team).  The cost to run a team compared to last season has remained relatively stable, but there are fewer players to share the cost.